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    With the advancement in stock trading technology, more and more investors and traders are favoring online stock trading over traditional floor trading. Online stock trading offers a lot of opportunities for the traders and investors and this is the reason, every second investor or trader is trading online. In fact, after the introduction of internet-based stock trading, more serious investors or traders are evolving and the entire stock market business has become hotter. With this remarkable growth in the number of traders, the number of online brokerage firms has also outgrown.

    Let us analyze the pros and cons of online brokerage firms –

    Well, the benefits of online stock trading are many, but security is the major concern. Similarly, using this firm has its own pros and cons. Just like online trading, online brokerage firms offer easy online accessibility. You can contact your online broker from any corner of the world, at almost any point of time in a day. You can place your trade orders instantly without missing any handsome opportunity. Transactions in online trading are also done in no time.

    However, there are a few disadvantages of relying on an online broker company. Of

    HRVOC Allowances , online security and technological faults are always a continued threat. Moreover, online broker can not provide you the personal service that the traditional brokers provide to their customers. In your stock trading career, your traditional brokers are considered as your best friend, but in the case of online brokerage, you are again alone in this highly competitive and risky business. In case of online stock trading, the firms provide an online trading platform to the traders and they have to take a call on their investment decision themselves. However, a traditional broker could add his inputs and suggest you better deals for your investment decision.

    Online stock trading is convenient and online broker firms do provide a complete set of online trading tools to the traders and investors. However, for a novice trader, such tools are a complete waste and only a floor broker could help him at this stage.