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    After having a wait, the program behemoth Microsoft has formally launched the modern form of Windows. As you expected, the Silicon Valley Company comes by helping cover their Windows 10, not Windows 9. The business claims that this next-gen operating-system is far more advanced than its predecessor Windows 8. Hence, it made a decision to call the next generation operating-system as Windows 10. In the following paragraphs, we’d be speaking about a few of the highlights of the modern Microsoft OS.

    1. One Operating-system to take care of All: As a result of superior and versatile design, many runs across all device form factors. Hence, it could be easily attached to desktops, tablets, laptops, Smartphones and phablets.

    2. Start Menu: This feature is back within the latest os. The brand new feature combines every aspect of the classic Windows 7 start menu with facelift of Metro or Modern Gui. Hence, it is expected to provide a completely new user experience.

    3. Search Option: Looking option within the start menu can do both local system and web searches. This selection presents the search results within a context-sensitive way.

    4. Better Touch or Mouse and keyboard Integration: The Windows 8 had jarring effects on moving between touch and the keyboard elements. Similar effects may be seen on moving to mouse elements as well within the predecessor version. The program behemoth has sought to call this selection as Continuum. It represents the better mix of different input methods.

    5. Virtual Desktops: Although the software behemoth failed to give any official word about it, it functions much like the multiple desktops on Linux and Expose on Mac OS X. This feature helps the app developers to maneuver their applications from traditional platforms to cloud-based ones with minimum efforts and access the apps remotely.

    6. Multiple Views: A gamers can trigger new views with new task view button. With this particular interface, users can toggle between views with all the press of your mouse.

    7. Pricing and Availability: The corporation has opted to present Windows 10 away free to those people who may have gone for either software upgrades and have paid nominal fees at the time of acquisition of the last OS version.

    8. Smartphone Version: Windows 10 is also offered because next major form of Windows Phone. Microsoft has been doing this to replace the default systems of Nokia. The Silicon Valley company had acquired this stylish fashion a few years back to supplement its mobile business segment.

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